S.H.E. Change Peace Packs

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Are you ready to take self-responsibility and consciously create the change you’ve been seeking in your life? Well then let me introduce you to the NEW and revised edition of the Peace Pack!
A beautifully presented and simplified edition designed to guide you to finding your own inner peace through step by step processes.
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What’s in your Peace Pack

  • S.H.E Change Movement - In this book, you will get a detail explanation to support you in gaining perspective and decluttering your mind.
  • S.H.E Progress Journal - This journal is for you to self-assess, gain clarity of what you’re choosing to create and provides the step by step processes you need to create the change you’re seeking.
  •  S.H.E Peace Point Planner - The planner is going to be your new best friend 😉 – it’s a calendar for you to turn your ‘have to’s’ into ‘choose to’s’. Goodbye, overwhelm, hello PEACE..!

What can a Peace Pack do for me?

You may find yourself stuck in the rut of life and become overwhelmed with everything you think you “should be achieving” or you “have to do” and feel under constant stress, like a hamster running on a wheel, super busy but not actually getting anywhere. This pressure not only comes from ourselves but our perceived pressure by others (society, family, partners, children) to be and do things that don’t necessarily leave you feeling peace and joy.

The Peace Pack’s Purpose is to:

  • Support you in decluttering your mind
  • Teach you about Peace Points & how to create them
  • Bring clarity to each area of your life to eliminate procrastination and debilitating control issues/perfectionism

It's designed to bring you Self-awareness, Healing & Empowerment tools so that you can gain the clarity and confidence that you need to consciously create the change you’re seeking.